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Youth Sports Safety


Advocates for Injured Athletes

Advocates for Injured Athletes is a non-profit organization whose focus is to promote sports safety through support, education, and resources, This organization's goal is to reduce the number of student athlete fatalities and injuries via the strategy of placing a certified athletic trainer in every high school throughout the country. More information about this organization, videos describing their story, and information about how you can get involved can be found at:


Youth Sports Safety Alliance

The Youth Sports Safety Alliance is an organization whose focus is ensure that youth sport athletes have access to qualified health professionals who will assist in risk management, acute care, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, and return to play decisions. Emphasis is placed on educating parents, coaches, teachers, athletes, and administrators about the signs and symptoms of injuries / illnesses and demand that emergency action plans and response protocols are in place at every sporting event and facility. For more information, resources, and opportunities to help, please visit their the Youth Sports Safety Alliance website at:


Yahoo Sports:  Youth Sports Safety Article

Here is a link to an informative article from Yahoo Sports relating to Youth Sports Safety. Enjoy:

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