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The Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society (MATS) is the professional membership association open to student and licensed Athletic Trainers with the objective to advance, encourage and improve the Athletic Training profession in the state of Michigan through education, legislation and other professional opportunities.  MATS members choose to support their profession, and by doing so receive a broad array of membership benefits. By joining forces as a group, MATS members can accomplish more for the Athletic Training profession than they can individually.  MATS is committed to ensuring that Athletic Trainers are viewed and recognized as highly trained, educated healthcare professionals who are experts in providing care in our scope of practice.

Did you know that by being a NATA (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) you are automatically a member of MATS? 

By joining NATA, members will be part of GLATA (Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association) and MATS.  Not only do you become a member at the national, regional/district and state levels but you will receive 10 free continuing education units credits ($150 value) to use in the NATA  Professional Development Center between February 16 and December 31 of that current year.  Additionally, you will have access to the NATA Career Center and access to free or discounted publications.

NATA Membership Dues for Michigan are as follows:

  • Certified Professional $259
  • Non-Certified Professional $220
  • Certified Student $114
  • Non-Certified Student $75

 Did you know that you can just choose to join MATS without being a NATA member? 

By joining MATS, members will have access to state level continuing education opportunities, the ability to get involved in special interest groups or volunteer committees, join forces towards governmental affairs/advocacy on both the state and federal level, connect within the state with other members, access to our all our social media channels (twitterfacebookyoung professional blog) and discount to the MATS Annual Symposium.

MATS Membership Dues are as follows:

  • Certified Student/Professional $35
  • Non-Certified Student $10      


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