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State Licensure Requirements

Statement to MATS Members on Continuing Education Requirements for MI AT License Renewal

There have been many questions coming in from members regarding some of the continuing education requirements as we are now within a year of the first Michigan AT license renewal stage. Here is how MI State Law reads on the requirement for continuing education for athletic trainers to renew their MI AT License:

R 338.1349 License renewal requirements.  Rule 49.

(1) An applicant for license renewal who has been licensed for the 3-year period immediately preceding the expiration date of the license shall meet the following requirements:

(a)  Submit to the department documentation that the applicant has completed at least 80 hours of board-approved continuing education or maintained BOC certification and completed not less than 1 hour of continuing education in pain and symptom management, as required under section 16204 (2) of the code.

(b) Submit documentation of current certification in emergency cardiac care from a  board-approved organization.

(c) Submit documentation of a minimum of 1 hour of first aid training.

(2) The requirements in subrule (1) (a), (b) and (c) of this rule shall be completed during the 3 years preceding an application for renewal.

(3) Submission of an application for renewal of a license or renewal of a temporary license shall constitute the applicant's certification of compliance with this rule. An applicant for renewal shall retain documentation of meeting the requirements of this rule for a period of 3 years from the date of applying for license renewal. Failure to comply with this rule shall be a violation of           section 16221 (h) of the code. Acceptable documentation includes verification of continued certification by the BOC or documentation of acceptable continuing education by the BOC, as specified in R 338.1357.

So, you may ask, what does this mean to me? According to the Department Manager of the LARA Credentialing, Continuing Education and Renewal Unit (who oversees continuing education for all MI licensed health professionals), the process is remarkably easy. Any First Aid program that follows the same format/guidelines as American Red Cross or American Heart Association is acceptable. Keep in mind the BOC definition of a “Contact Hour”, and 1 contact hour in first aid every 3 years is what is required for license renewal. Also, any seminar that has in a description of the topics content equal to 1 hour the covers first aid procedures would be appropriate. AT CE providers should be made aware of the certificate requirements and should be able to produce a certificate of completion for your CE file. If this is not done, saving a copy of the course outline or an abstract from the presenter would be appropriate.  In regard to pain management (and keep in mind that the pain management requirement is there for all licensed health care professionals in Michigan), the documentation is similar. The definition of what would be considered pain management is as follows:

Any program that teaches how to deal with injuries when they occur and/or promoting a safe  environment is fine.  The Board of Certification would be the best reference as far as advising whether or not a continuing education (CE) program qualify as meeting the pain management requirement.  When attending any program that include topics in pain management, the certificate of completion should clearly state that the program covered that topic. 

MATS has been providing the necessary document for the pain management required for the past 3 MATS Clinical Symposia, and will continue to do so when MATS CE Content meets the either of these requirements.  Again, if no certificate is available, you should save a schedule, description or abstract from a course that meets the pain management requirement. Again, 1 contact hour per renewal cycle is required.

MATS is committed to providing opportunities for AT in MI to earn appropriate CE for both State License renewal and BOC Renewal.  In regard to both, there is no substitute for proper documentation and maintaining your CE information in a file for a reasonable amount of time in case of an audit, which can be done at or near the time of renewal by either the BOC or the State of Michigan.

Please direct any comments, questions or concerns to a board member or committee chair on the website. Hopefully this information is useful to you in the renewal process.

Mark Stoessner, MATS President

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