Sponsorships/Donations - Michigan Athletic Trainers Society (MATS)


The Sponsorship and Donations Committee of MATS is responsible for facilitating the offering of member events via procurring fiscal donations and sponsorships from entities supportive of the Athletic Training profession. Andrew Still chairs this committee.

A sub-committee of Sponsorship and Donations is the Golf Outing committee which is responsible for hosting the Carrier Classic Golf Outing. This outing is an annual event for MATS and precedes our Honors and Awards Banquet. Phil Johnson serves as the chair of this committee. 

Functions and Responsibilities of these two committees include:

  1. Oversee any and all fund raising activities that occur within MATS.
  2. Work with committee chairs to coordinate and pursue donations of money, goods and/or services when needed to support special or non-budgeted MATS projects.
  3. Determine with the Treasurer the monetary values of donated goods, supplies and services.
  4. Maintain an annual written record of all fund raising activities for the Finance Committee and the IRS.
  5. Make recommendations when needed to waive dues of Supplier members.
  6. One member represents MATS to the Research Education Foundation of the NATA.
  7. Chairperson is a member of the Finance Committee.
  8. Coordinate a sponsor recognition program (along with PEC, and Awards committees).


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