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MHSAA Concussion Care Insurance Benefit
Continuing in the 2018-19 school year, the MHSAA is providing supplemental insurance for the payment of medical expenses related to concussions.  The injury must have occurred during a MHSAA activity of a member school.  The policy limit is $25000.00 for each occurrence.
The program intends to assure that member MHSAA student athletes revived prompt and professional medical services for head injury even if the athlete is uninsured or under-insured.

The insurance offered by MHSAA through K and K company is a secondary carrier.  This means when the primary insurance is used then the school's athletic insurance (if a coverage is provided) is used then and only then the MHSAA policy used to pay remaining costs.

So in fact you could have 3 insurances paying for costs related to concussion injury.

See your Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer for additional information about the program.
Forms and other information can also be found at:

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Secondary Schools with low availability of athletic trainers may be at higher risk of repeat concussion.

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