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Resources (Athletic Trainers)

June 20,2018

References/Links for athletic trainers working (primarily) in the Secondary School setting.  

(either direct hire, contract/outreach, independent contractor, FT, PT, PRN, etc.)

  • This is adapted from the presentation at the MATS PEC on June 15, 2018 by Mitch Smelis AT, ATC; “The R’s of building/maintaining a SSAT program”

  • If you have an additional link or resource that might be beneficial to add, please email  

  • This list is not all encompassing and NOT fully representative of all information that one practicing as an AT might be subject.  This is meant to be a convenient general listing compiled to give an AT a starting point to help guide their own education and review of requirements to practice according to any requirements that they are subject to.

  • Thanks!

Role of SSAT








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