Research Assistance Committee - Michigan Athletic Trainers Society (MATS)

Research Assistance Committee

The Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society is excited to announce the formation of the MATS Research Assistance Committee (RAC). The purpose of this committee is to encourage and foster research and scholarly activity among the MATS membership. Specifically, the committee will serve the following functions:

   1.  Provide financial assistance for MATS members who are Athletic Trainers (up to $1,000) or

        students (up to $500). 

   2.  Organize the free communication sessions at the MATS Annual Clinical Symposium.


   3.  Promote the research and scholarly activity of MATS members, non-members, and


   4. Be a consultative resource for information concerning research project merit, research design, and oral/written presentation of

       research results.


To view research funding opportunities please click here

To view Free Communications Program please click here


Research Assistance Committee Members, Affiliations, and Research Expertise:

Kevin Miller, PhD, AT, ATC (Chair), Central Michigan University:  Exertional Heat Illnesses; Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Blaine Long, PhD, AT, ATC, Central Michigan University:  Therapeutic Modalities and Exercise

Brian Hatzel, PhD, AT, ATC, Grand Valley State University: Shoulder Injury and Rehabilitation

John Powell, PhD, AT, ATC, Michigan State University (Emeritus): Epidemiology; Qualitative Methodology

Jodi Sandvik, DSc, PT, DPT, SCS, AT, ATC, Team Rehabilitation: Qualitative Methodology; Celiac Disease

Tonya Parker, PhD, AT, ATC, Grand Valley State University:  Biomechanics; Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions

Brian Wiese, MS, AT, ATC, Central Michigan University:  Postural Sway; Functional Movement Screening

Phillip Andre, MS, AT, ATC, Alma College:  Phenomenology; Qualitative Methodology; Masculinity

David Berry, PhD, MHA, AT, ATC (Executive Board liaison), Saginaw Valley State University



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