GLATA Student Senator Application - Michigan Athletic Trainers Society (MATS)

GLATA Student Senator Application

MATS Application for Student Senator to the 

Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association (GLATA)

I. Job Description 

The student senate position requires an individual who possesses a positive attitude, displays a desire to participate and contribute, and is willing to represent students from the state of Michigan in a positive manner.  This is a two-year term, and all applicants must be willing to fulfill the entire term. Applicants must be willing to encourage students to become involved in the athletic training profession at any level, be informed of issues in athletic training that may affect students and future professionals, and participate in all functions required of a senator. At the district level, the student senators are primarily responsible for planning and implementing the GLATA Winter Meeting Student Education Program (SEP), encouraging students to attend the SEP from the state of Michigan, and learn the governance structure at the district and state level. At the state level, the Michigan student senators will serve on the Athletic Training Student Committee (ATSC) and participate in executive council functions 
through MATS.

II. Eligibility Requirements 

  1. Applicant must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a Michigan College/University pursuing a degree with the intention of becoming a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer.
  2. Applicant must be a current student member of the Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society and Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association.
  3. Applicant must be a student in an athletic training education program in one of Michigan’s CAATE-accredited program and receive an endorsement from his/her program director.
  4. It is the intent of the Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society to have the two senators from different schools in Michigan; however, all applicants will receive full consideration.



Athletic Training students and program directors will be notified in the Fall semester of the application timeline. 

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